El meu vessant artístic va començar amb una llicència d'estudis a Anglaterra. Allà vaig elaborar una pàgina web en anglès amb propostes didàctiques sobre l'educació visual i plàstica en anglès.

Després d'uns anys d'implementació d'aquestes unitats didàctiques, he començat a elaborar i organitzar uns tallers de plàstica en angles com són: taller d'escultura, de dibuix, de pintura i manualitats amb paper. La idea principal és muntar tallers monogràfics amb una durada mínima de 10 sessions i per alumnes de cicle mitja o cicle superior.

dijous, 26 de febrer de 2015

Painting with artists

Final display of the work

The 3 artists are: Van Gogh, Seurat i Klimt.  3 artists with techniques and styles very different.
Students have to find information about the 3 artist, about their personal life, their professional life (style) and name famous works.


  • To analyse the elements of the work and their relationship
  • To learn vocabulary related to the works and life of the 3 artists.
  • To encourage students to experiment with style.
  • Art appreciation of great artists

 4 Sessions:
  • 1 session on information about the artist, their works, their life, style..., learning about their personal and professional life. Doing language activities as mind maps, crosswords, memories...Identifying the style and techniques of each artist; Van Gogh used strokes, Seurat used points and Klimt used lots of shapes. Through power point, children' information or prints.
    Students classifying sentences from the artists
  Vincen Van Gogh, 
  • Starry Night

       He was a Dutch Post-Impressionist painter.
       He was born in Holland, March 30, 1852.
       He was a very temperamental person.
       In 1886 he went to Paris to live with his brother Theo, who was an art dealer, he became his best friend.
       In 1888 he moved to the South of France, Arles.
       He was 37 years old when he died in 1890.
       When he was alive he never sold a painting, after his death his works became very valuable.
       He used The Impasto style, applying thick paint visible brush marks and a wide range of colours.

    George Seurat 

       He was French, he lived in Paris.
       He worked in the same period as Van Gogh but developed a different style of painting.
       He studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts.
       He was from a wealthy family.
       He was a quiet man, very patient, serious and intense.
       He developed a new painting technique called Pointillism.
       He planned his art works, drawing lots of sketches outside and painting his works inside.
       He died young in 1891, when he was only 31 years old, probably from meningitis. 

    Gustave Klimt
    The Kiss
    ·         He was born in Vienna
    ·         He trained at the School of Applied Arts.
    ·         His paintings include ornamental aspects.
    ·         His decorative style is linked to a movement know as Art Nouveau, which means “new art” in French.
    ·         His most popular work is a golden image of a man kissing a woman.
    ·         He was the son of a gold and silver engraver.
    ·         He died in 1918.
    ·         Many of his works include geometrical shapes.

  •    1 session, Students  do a sketch picture about each artist in their style. They can use a finder or viewfinder to focus on part of the work they want to do the sketch.


      •    2 sessions:  mixing styles.Cooperative pair work,deciding what and how to work, accepting style or styles, colours…. Once they decided what to do they can divided an A3 art paper into 2 or 3 parts, half or diagonal, and start applying paint in one style and finish doing in another style.


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