El meu vessant artístic va començar amb una llicència d'estudis a Anglaterra. Allà vaig elaborar una pàgina web en anglès amb propostes didàctiques sobre l'educació visual i plàstica en anglès.

Després d'uns anys d'implementació d'aquestes unitats didàctiques, he començat a elaborar i organitzar uns tallers de plàstica en angles com són: taller d'escultura, de dibuix, de pintura i manualitats amb paper. La idea principal és muntar tallers monogràfics amb una durada mínima de 10 sessions i per alumnes de cicle mitja o cicle superior.

dijous, 26 de febrer de 2015


Trivial is a board game based on the trivial pursuit.
I created this game when I was doing an intensive teacher training in York. We were asked to present an activity to the rest of the group. I presented this one and although the valoration of the teacher at that moment was not so good I improved it, adapted to many age-students and it's still one of my favourite group game.
Children like very much when I suggest to play and they really follow the rules and have a good time while learning about history, languages, natural and social science, sports, maths and art.
You can play the game with the entire class, seated in groups, they have to adapt themselves to the group, have a speaker, share opinions and knowledge, take risk and be polite and respectful with the rest of students.
It's a cooperative game and very diverse, everybody can succeed,  not only maths or languages students can be good partners. Variety and diversity are important.
You can get the plan of the game with objective, explanations and evaluation and there's a sort of questions that you can print in different coloured papers.
You only need a board to write the points they get and the questions. Be sure you know the answers before playing. The 1st time you need to spend time explaining  the game but then you can play once a term, for example.

There are two  important rules to follow:
1.- They must respect the rest of students, if not they lose points.
2.- The teacher is like the referee, they must believe on what he/she says (if they complain, they lose points)
Now you only need to try and play.
Good luck.


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