El meu vessant artístic va començar amb una llicència d'estudis a Anglaterra. Allà vaig elaborar una pàgina web en anglès amb propostes didàctiques sobre l'educació visual i plàstica en anglès.

Després d'uns anys d'implementació d'aquestes unitats didàctiques, he començat a elaborar i organitzar uns tallers de plàstica en angles com són: taller d'escultura, de dibuix, de pintura i manualitats amb paper. La idea principal és muntar tallers monogràfics amb una durada mínima de 10 sessions i per alumnes de cicle mitja o cicle superior.

divendres, 27 de febrer de 2015


It is a three-dimensional procedure. Students will construct through the line, surface and compact. They can see the work of local sculptors and about different kinds of sculptures.

·                      To introduce children to a wide range of tools and techniques.
·                      To encourage language and discussion.
·                      To develop skills in a sequential series of activities.
·                      To develop children creativity and imagination.


·    Work on geometrical figures, to differentiate between surface (2D) and body 3D, ex: a circle and a sphere.

·    Clay tiles (2D) They cut out a tile shape with a knife round, square, star or letters and  add pieces of clay as decoration

·    Cooperative work: unreal animals. To work cooperatively as a member of a group. They work using the analytical process where the parts are not attached, but the parts are pinched and pulled out of the clay.

·    Human figure: Do the works separately, 1st a Hand, 2nd a foot, 3rd the  head and finally body (proportions and movement)

·    Printing with clay. To create individual prints

·   Project: Design a zoo-park, castle...Each child collaborates doing an animal or a tree or whatever they want to.  They model the animals, objects or persons and place their figures in the castle or farm or whatever.

This workshop about sculpture is whole developed with objectives, materials, procedure, evaluation...of each activity.

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