El meu vessant artístic va començar amb una llicència d'estudis a Anglaterra. Allà vaig elaborar una pàgina web en anglès amb propostes didàctiques sobre l'educació visual i plàstica en anglès.

Després d'uns anys d'implementació d'aquestes unitats didàctiques, he començat a elaborar i organitzar uns tallers de plàstica en angles com són: taller d'escultura, de dibuix, de pintura i manualitats amb paper. La idea principal és muntar tallers monogràfics amb una durada mínima de 10 sessions i per alumnes de cicle mitja o cicle superior.

diumenge, 5 d’abril de 2015

Year 4: Visual Art

Planning the year

Art in English
4th level
Year: 2015-2016
Teacher: Anna Esteban / Teresa Bosch
The goal of this year is not only to teach art theory and techniques through English, but also encourage and develop critical and creative thinking to help the pupils learn about the world in which they live and become lifelong learners.
·         Introduce basic art skills and vocabulary
·         Develop pupils’ Language skills
·         Promote creativity and self-expression.
The activities will be presented using simple instructions, giving vocabulary support and providing opportunities to use the new Language.
Children continue to develop as Young artists exploring the 4 content areas of art:
1.      Perception and response: Pupils will develop the ability to perceive, interpret and respond to ideas, experiences and the environment through visual arts.
2.      Historical, cultural and social context: Children will explore ways in which art communicates and expresses ideas, thoughts and feelings.
3.      Creative expression and production: Students will be able to use the elements of art and principles of design in a creative and personal way through the use of a variety of art materials and tools.
4.      Aesthetics and criticism:  Children will develop the ability and vocabulary to analyse and evaluate their own artwork and the others. They will learn new skills to help them explore and reflect on art by identifying, classifying, comparing, contrasting, judging and interpreting meanings in Works of art.

P.D. Part of this information has been taken from Macmillan, Art 4th level

1.   Drawing:
2.    Painting:
  •      The Colour theory: Primary and secondary colours (mixing them and do tonalities
  •        Cool and Warm colours, they choose one and do an art project based on an artist.
  •        Work on an artist style (Monet) see the impressionism, use pastel colours.
3.    Sculpture:
  •  Work with clay: Unreal animals, cooperative work.
  •  Papier maché, build an aerostatic globes.
  •   With white clay, do geometrical figures ( cub, sphere, cone, prism…)

4.    Crafts with paper:

Students will work on activities from each group every term.

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